2014 Rain Barrel Contest

Adult Division


During the month of April, the 11 finalist barrels were on display at the Delaware Agricultural Museum in Dover, through May 16, 2014. The grand prize winner will be displayed at the Governor’s Residence, Woodburn, in Dover after the Delaware State Fair in July. Click on the link below to see who won and where all the other rain barrels will be placed the end of May.

See the winning rain barrels in the adult division

Children’s Division

Area children also got involved, creating their own masterpieces using the medium of rain barrels! Thank you for casting your vote for your favorite rain barrels, check our our 5 finalists whose barrels will be displayed at the Delaware State Fair. Visitors to the Fair will choose the grand prize winner.

 See all the rain barrels and check out the winner!

Press Release, January 14, 2014