2017 Rain Barrel Contest – Adult Division

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Artist Name: Teri Edgeworth

Title of Piece: What Goes In, Must Come Out
Location: The Surfing Crab

My rain barrel shows the message that what goes into our waters, be it baysides that connect to our oceans, and the creeks that flow into our rivers, must be cleaned out up and down the coast.


Artist Name: Amber Davis

Title of Piece: Infinitely Interstellar
Location: Delaware Astronomical Society

The Milky Way, Earth’s wonderful galaxy envelops and watches over its stars and planets like our Mother Gaia watches over us. How we treat this planet effects every species, flora, and fauna alike, sending ripples through the earth and into the Galaxy. We’ve already lost thousands of species of plant and animal alike. To stop this loss, we must learn to work alongside our planet to protect and cherish the beauty that is our home.

Artist Name: Nicole Kristiana Logan

Title of Piece: Whimsical Watershed
Location: Center for Inland Bays Decked Out Event

My rain barrel is a whimsical celebration of being in nature! The colors are bright and playful. The patterns give my barrel a fun energetic feel, like actually being in nature. I chose animals living near a water’s edge together. I wanted to capture the“aliveness” of a watershed. I felt that depicting the wonder, whimsy and happiness of being in nature would help answer the “what for” and “why” questions about why we should conserve.

Artist Name: Bruce McKinney

Title of Piece: The Fox At Midnight
Location: Kent County Conservation District Barn Dance

The Fox At Midnight represents the need for humans to CONSIDER THE DISPLACEMENT OF WILDLIFE. A recent land development in our area has caused a great migration of animals native to the area to become displaced in search of new habitats. Deer, birds and the fox have increased their migration through our property.   I watched as the fox watched back at night. This was my choice to portray that fox.

Artist Name: Milton Arts Guild (Anne Buck and Elizabeth Miceli)

Title of Piece: Art Is Catching On
Location: Nanticoke Watershed Alliance

Art is “catching” on! Inspired by Wagamons Pond in Milton, DE at the mouth of the Broadkill River. Fish flourish in the ecology and artist paint its symmetrical beauty. Art and nature are truly majestic.  Wagamons Pond beckons the solitude of casting a fishing line and allures the painter’s pallet.


Artist Name: Kathi Schiavoni

Title of Piece: Day Dreams Of A Night Owl
Location: Friends of the Bohemia

Daisy garlands in the sky and friends nearby…Hootie dreams from a branch of his imagination.



Artist Name: Natalie Wipf

Title of Piece: Let’s Go Catch Fireflies
Location: Abbott’s Mill Nature Center

I have always loved art and being creative. I also love to garden, can and to cook/bake. Being outside enjoying nature is also something I try to do a lot of and am raising my daughter to love these things as well!