2017 Rain Barrel Contest – Children’s Division Artist Biographies

Artist: Ashby Amory
Name of Piece: Water Me Spinach

About the Artist: Ashby lives in Milford Delaware in a busy household that encourages participation in sports and the arts. A proud Buccaneer at Milford High, she is a member of the drama club and occasionaly can be spotted getting animated in the schools mascot costume at town events. Her interests include drawing, painting, horseback riding (when she can stay onboard!), acting, improv and dance. She has acted both on stage and ice and served as music tech on a production at the Riverfront Theater in Milford.

Artist: Girl Scout Troop 233
Name of Piece: Girl Scouts Are Strong

About the Artist: Girl Scout Troop 233. We are a multi grade level troop. Girls range from kindergarten to 9th grade. No matter of our age differences or experiences we work together to get what needs to be done, done. We are a group of girls who have become family and enjoy learning from one another.

Artists: Maclary Elementary (Abby C, Jordan S, Olivia K)
Name of Piece: Water Women

About the Artists: Abby C. is in fifth grade. She is 11 years old. She enjoyed drawing the rain barrel design with her group. It was fun. When she’s not in school, she likes to draw.   Jordan S. is 11 years old. She loves reading and is very active. She loves her friends and family. She is glad to be at Maclary Elementary. Olivia K. is in fifth grade. She enjoys skiing and singing. Her favorite authors are J.K. Rowling, Rick Riordan, Sheila Turnage and Chris Colfer. Her favorite song is Bohemian Rhapsody.

Artists: Maclary Elementary (Alex O, Chris G, Owen R, Alec C)
Name of Piece: L.I.F.E.

About the Artists: Alex O. is 11. He plays football and liked painting the rain barrels. He thinks rain barrels are a good idea!  Chris G.’s favorite subject in school is math. Out of school he plays football and baseball. He thinks doing a rain barrel was a great idea.  Owen R. is 11 years old. He had a lot of fun doing the rain barrel. He also plays trumpet, swims and likes to draw.  Alec C. is in grade five. He loves art so it was a pleasure to be working on the rain barrel project.

Artists: Maclary Elementary (Lily G, Gabriela S, Riley G, Julia G)
Name of Piece: Precious Pandas

About the Artists: Lily G. is 11 years old and in fifth grade. She thinks the rain barrels were awesome and especially doing it with her friends. She loved it!  Gabriela S. is 11 years old and also in fifth grade. She loved painting the rain barrels. It was very fun!  Riley G. is in fifth grade. Her favorite subject in school is math. Painting the rain barrels was a fun experience.  Julia G. is in fifth grade. She loved painting the rain barrels. It was such a great experience. She also loves making art outside of school.

Artists: Maclary Elementary (Savannah C, Shea M, Abby E, Mia C)
Name of Piece: Foxes

About the Artists: Savannah C. is 9 years old and she loves to paint. Her favorite part of painting the barrel was starting. She loved it.  Shea M. is 10 years old. She loves art, painting and drawing.  Abby E. liked the rain barrel contest because she loves nature. She also loves horses.  Mia C. was so excited when she found out Maclary was entering the rain barrel project for the second year. She also LOVES soccer.

Artists: Maclary Elementary (Tyler C, Adrian D, Megan G)
Name of Piece: Masters

About the Artists: Tyler C. is 11 years old and in fourth grade. He thought that doing the rain barrel competition was really fun and interesting. Adrian D. is on the Carolina Mudcats, which is a baseball team for Newark National Little League. He enjoyed the rain barrel competition because he thinks that helping the environment makes a difference. Megan G. is 9 years old. She swims for the YMCA’s Western Wahoos team. She really enjoyed painting the rain barrel because she likes painting.

Artist: Phillip C. Showell Elementary (Cash Holder)
Name of Piece: Titanic At Sea

About the Artist: My name is Cash.  I’m in Mr. Dietrich’s class and Mrs. Hall’s art class at Phillip C. Showell.  I am 8 years old and I love ships.  My favorite ship is the Titanic.  After reading about the Titanic, I got interested in more ships like it:  the Carpathia, Britannic, Olympic, Lusitania and many more.  Along with ships, I love working outside on our farm, going to the beach and riding on boats.  I really had fun working on this project.

Artist: Savannah Massey
Name of Piece: Reality

About the Artist: I am 11 years old and in the 5th grade at Frederick Douglas Elementary School in Seaford, Delaware.  I live on a farm in the Seaford area.  My Dad is a farmer.  My Mom is a salesperson.  I attend advanced placement classes in my School District.  I love to read all kinds of books, including fiction and non-fiction.  I am interested in the environment, especially our water and land.  I am concerned about how pollution is affecting our environment.

Artist: Youth 4 Change (Project Leader – Hana Hubert, Merve Kekik, Mariam Patel, Suha Chaudhry, Faiza Chaudhry, Hiba Chaudhry, and Adam Hubert)
Name of Piece: The Web Of Life

About the Artist: Youth 4 Change are volunteers from Zakat Foundation community center who have had a tremendous impact with their service projects regionally and worldwide. Within state, they give back to their community by making scarves and collecting hygiene kits to distribute to the homeless. They also raise funds to help displaced orphans all over the world. This group of youth ages 11 to 18 rise to the  challenge of making dreams come true to those in need.