2017 Rain Barrel Contest – Children’s Division

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Group Name: Youth 4 Change (Project Leader – Hana Hubert, Merve Kekik, Mariam Patel, Suha Chaudhry, Faiza Chaudhry, Hiba Chaudhry, and Adam Hubert)

Title of Piece: The Web Of Life
Location: Ashland Nature Center

The Youth 4 Change rain barrel project is centered around native Delaware plants and animals. It is important to preserve native Delaware wildlife. Our scene represents how everything works in harmony, without one piece of the puzzle the entire picture is incomplete. Find the hidden message depicted in the scene! Youth 4 Change are volunteers from Zakat Foundation community center who have had a tremendous impact with their service projects regionally and worldwide. Within state, they give back to their community by making scarves and collecting hygiene kits to distribute to the homeless. They also raise funds to help displaced orphans all over the world. This group of youth ages 11 to 18 rise to the  challenge of making dreams come true to those in need.


Group Name: Ashby Amory
Title of Piece:
Water Me Spinach
Location: New Castle County Special Services

The barrel is a giant can of spinach with Popeye on the front saying ‘Me Spinach Needs Water’. In the back his girlfriend Olive Oyl is standing on a dock fretting over the rapidly rising water!



Group Name: Maclary Elementary (Abby C., Jordan S., Olivia K.)

Title of Piece: Water Women
Location: Stanton Middle School

We thought about how water forms a civilization. Without it we would die. We also thought about how rain barrels and water jugs are very similar. So on the front of the barrel, we wanted to draw women carrying water jugs, symbolizing people using rain barrels. On the back, we have the trees, flowers and a colorful background showing how water helps trees and flowers grow. The back also symbolizes a rainbow gone wild and rainbows need water to form.

Group Name: Girl Scout Troop 233

Title of Piece: Girl Scouts Are Strong
Location: Girl Scout Troop 233

This art work is to represent our camping trip we took and stepping out of our comfort zones. The bear is us, to show how strong we are and how we become one when working together. The mountains are to represent how high our goals were for the camping trip. The bear catching the fish are to represent us catching our goals.

Group Name: Maclary Elementary (Alex O, Chris G., Owen R., Alec C.)

Title of Piece: L.I.F.E.
Location: Delaware Invasive Species Council Conference

Our design shows Nature as it should be – growing freely. Branches wrap around our barrel and animals thrive in their friendly environment. On the front, we have the word “LIFE” which stands for Life Incorporated Friendly Environment” floating above everything. On the back, we put a heart with water bottles in it, showing that we should love water and take care of this resource. On the top, we have branches twirling around in a spiral design.

Group Name: Maclary Elementary (Lily G., Gabriela S., Riley G., Julia G.)

Title of Piece: Precious Pandas
Location: Tidewater Utilities Charity Golf Outing

Our rain barrel has a Chinese bamboo forest with a mama panda bear sitting down holding bamboo with an ombre sky. On the back, there is a baby panda hanging upside-down in a tree. On the lid is a sentence in Chinese that says “Pandas need water, too!” What inspired us is that pandas need water and bamboo to survive. The more habitats we ruin, the fewer animals- including pandas – we will have.

Group Name: Maclary Elementary (Savannah C., Shea M., Abby E., Mia C.)

Title of Piece: Foxes
Location: Recycled Cardboard Boat Regatta

Our rain barrel features a fox mother and her young kit. We picked this animal because of its elegant beauty, and foxes could be living in your neighborhood and you don’t even know it. On the back, there is a fox den. When it rains, the water runs over bad things and into the rivers where the foxes drink. This is why rain barrels can help the foxes and other animals by saving water and preventing it from polluting the river.

Group Name: Maclary Elementary (Tyler C, Adrian D, Megan G)

Title of Piece: Masters
Location: Maclary Elementary

Our design depicts how, when a street overflows, all pollution on the street washes out of the drains and gutters, down the street, and into streams. The pollutants that wash down the road affect animals because the rivers and streams are their drinking water. The design will help people understand that when you litter, all of that trash washes down the street but rain barrels help prevent the overflow. Our rain barrel represents a street scene before and after installing a rain barrel.

Group Name: Phillip C. Showell Elementary (Cash Holder)

Title of Piece: Titanic At Sea
Location: Phillip Showell Elementary

When I think of water, I think of boats and Titanic is my favorite.


Group Name: Savannah Massey

Title of Piece: Reality
Location: DNREC Nonpoint Source Program

I was inspired by how pollution is affecting our ecosystems. That is the reality of our earth. The colors were created to represent things found in our environment, like animals and plants and flowers. If the environment is polluted, the rain that comes down is not safe for animals. Animals eat the plants. Everything in the circle of life is affected by our environment. I want to inspire people to take care of our earth.