Adult Division – 2016 Artist Bio’s

Artist: Diane Buckingham

I am retired and live with my husband, Howard, and my dog, Skippy, in Wilmington. Growing up in West Virginia, in a simpler time, helped foster my love of nature and art has been part of my life since my teens, so it seemed that the rain barrel painting was a good fit for me. It was a pleasure to combine my interests in one project. Additionally, my background in healthcare instilled in me a concern for man and health.

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Artist: Jessica Ennis

I’m Jessica Ennis, I live in Lincoln, Delaware, and I’m 20 years old. I have always been interested in arts and crafts and from a young age, I would always draw, paint, and put glitter on everything. However, I only grew a real passion for art during my sophomore year of high school when I decided to take art class. I continued to take art class until I graduated and earned lot from each teacher I had. I always enjoy using bright colors in my art work that grabs people’s attention and I try to incorporate all I’ve learned in school.

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Artist: Lynn Patrice Farina

I studied Art at the University of Delaware as well as the University of Tampa, before switching to Elementary Education. I received my Masters of Instruction at the University of Delaware. I taught for over twenty years before retiring to pursue my love of art.  I am a member of The Dover Art League, Delaware By Hand, The Rehoboth Art League, and the Art League of Ocean City and have been in shows in each of these places or had my art displayed.  I have also been in numerous national juried art shows.

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Artist: Gerilyn Gaskill

Now that I’ve finally retired from work, I have begun my real career – painting.  It’s my passion. I’ve always said my work supported my art interest. I’ve been painting seriously with watercolors for the past five  years. I find Painting can be fun, relaxing, enjoyable, meditative, exciting and audacious depending on settings and my mood. Lately I have been painting in watercolors, acrylic and oil mediums. You never know what happy surprises evolve in your paintings. I just love to paint.

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Artist: Kim Littleton

I have working in the rain barrel program for 3 yrs and have greatly enjoyed each year.

Artist: Bruce McKinney

Bruce McKinney is an artist who practices his own style of surrealistic art based on the masters of surrealism. Born in Wilmington Delaware and living in the state for most of his life,  he tries to keep imagery pure and simple as it was meant to be not drifting off into fantasy and unreal worlds. He has worked with high school students in the creation of set designs and art instruction for mentally challenged adults. McKinney says, “It is not just a lot of weird images on canvas or whatever medium I choose to create on, but a thought process created to capture your imagination no matter what media”.

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Artist: Donna Reed

I am a school librarian who excels at inspiring students and supporting teachers.   I have taught 5th grade, served as a homebound teacher for students with long-term illness, taught social studies at Gauger, finally serving as librarian at Bancroft, Newark and now at Wilson Elementary School.  A former State Senator, I have also volunteered as Sunday school teacher, PTA president, Civic Association president, scout leader, and served on the boards of the Bear YMCA and the Newark American Cancer Society.  I am a wife and mother with two grown sons.

Artist: Kathi Schiavoni

Kathi lives in Townsend with her husband Luigi.  She works at Priapi Gardens in Cecilton, MD and seasonally at Colemans Tree Farm in Middletown.  In her spare time, Kathi enjoys reading, going to the movies and spending time with her many pets.

Artist: Natalie Wipf

I am 38 and have always loved art and being creative. This is my third time participating and will continue as long as this great event goes on.  I also love to garden, can and to cook/bake. Being outside enjoying nature is also something I try to do a lot of and am raising my daughter to love these things as well!

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Artist: Nathan Zimmerman

Nathan Zimmerman is an amateur artist and a native of Lewes in Sussex County, Delaware. An avid hunter and outdoorsman, he finds inspiration for his artwork from the beauty and endless wonders he experiences while hunting, hiking and fishing.  With an interest in art beginning in childhood he has created pieces using wood carving, sculpting, stained glass and many other media.  As a former naturalist at Delaware state parks and a current employee at DNREC’s Sediment and Stormwater Program he has always worked to preserve the environment that is his constant artistic inspiration.

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