Children’s Division – 2016 Artist Bio’s

Group Name: Delmarva Christian School (Sara Wilson)

My name is Sara Wilson, and I am a sixth grade student at Delmarva Christian School.

Group Name: Delmarva Christian School (Sophia Birl, Savannah Stewart, Chloe Wilson)

Our names are Sophia Birl, Savannah Stewart, and Chloe Wilson.  We are in the eighth grade and attend Delmarva Christian School. We have been good friends for a long time, so we decided to work together to design and paint a rain barrel.  In our spare time, we enjoy playing volleyball, basketball, and softball.

Group Name: Delmarva Christian School (Josh Azeltine, Seth Stevens, Caleb Ullrey-Mow)

We, Josh Azeltine, Seth Stevens, and Caleb Ullrey-Mow, are in the eighth grade at Delmarva Christian School Milton Campus and have been close friends since second grade. We enjoy playing sports, hunting, and gaming and are looking forward to attending ninth grade at Delmarva Christian High School next year.

Group Name: Maclary Elementary – Grade 4 (Jordan Short, Katrina Endres, Ella Baldwin, Olivia Kessler)

My name is Jordan. I am 10 years old and in 4th grade. In my free time I like to play outside and do crafts.  My name is Ella. I enjoy horseback riding. I love nature. My favorite book series is Wings of Fire.  My name is Olivia. I play 10 and under softball. I enjoy singing, gymnastics and reading. I have read the Percy Jackson and Harry Potter series.  Salut, je m’appelle Katrina. I run track and especially like the 1,600 meters. I speak some French but I am of Polish heritage. I love dance.

Group Name: Maclary Elementary – Grade 5 (Liam Rogers, Allyssa Schnee)

My name is Liam. Let me tell you a little bit about myself. I’m a gamer. I play different sports such as soccer, basketball and football! I enjoy politics and economic studies. I also enjoy the internet, especially memes.  My name is Allyssa. I am 11 years old. I love to sing and draw. I play lots of video games, especially Undertale, and I love YouTube. I used to play viola but at home I am practicing keyboard. I have two siblings. My favorite subjects are art, math and science.

Group Name: Maclary Elementary – Grade 4 (Alec Ciesinski, Owen Reazor, Alex Ozor)

My name is Alec. I’m 10 years old and my hobbies are drawing and taking Karate classes!  My name is Owen. My hobbies are collecting game cards and drawing comics. I also like playing Minecraft.  My name is Alex. I am 10 years old, and I like watching YouTube, camping, and talking… a lot!

Group Name: Milton Elementary – 5th Grade Steam Class

This rain barrel was designed and painted by the 5th grade STEAM class at Milton Elementary. We are a group of really cool, hard-working kids. Members include: Mason Mendez, Jakob Hayes, Taylor Ockels, Natalie Lampron, Cailyn Bledsoe, Sarah Naar, Andrew Criswell, Trey Conti, Kendrick Alumno, Mackinzie Brown, Sophie Zych, Ethan Felker, Kayla Lorah, Gwen Gofus, and Emily Drumheller. We love to be creative and find unique solutions to problems. Teamwork is key because all of us together are better than any of us alone.

Group Name: Odyssey Charter School (Ella Wicks)

I am Ella, 4th grader at Odyssey Charter School.  I am very creative and love the arts.  My favorites are singing, painting, acting, playing piano, reading, and dance.  I am very active and play volleyball and tennis. I am learning to speak Greek, very exciting and interesting!  I am involved in Girls On The Run, the ACE Program, and Meaningful Economics.  I work hard and achieve my goals.  I am inspired by nature!  Climbing trees, planting flowers, running around, swinging on the rope swing, and playing in my tree house area so much fun.

Group Name: Phillip C. Showell Elementary (Rachel Santos)

My name is Rachel Santos.  I like art.  In my family are my mom, dad, sister Lilliana, and brother Fredy.  I am 8 years old.  The following students help me paint my design: Alex Gonzalez, Hope Dill, Jonas Arias, Kameron Brown, Lanitra Wise and Dania Regalado-Lopez.

Group Name: Saint Thomas More Academy (Kara Scarangella)

My name is Kara Scarangella and I am a Sophomore at Saint Thomas More Academy located in Magnolia, Delaware. It is my second year taking visual arts classes at Saint Thomas More Academy and I plan on continuing my art education through the rest of my high school career.  Besides being a student I am also a student athlete. I live in Bethany Beach, Delaware and during the summer I am an umbrella girl at Fenwick Island State Park.