Children’s Division – 2016 Rain Barrel Contest

Click on the image below to see a larger view of the rain barrel. Then learn more about the artists [Here]. The five finalists were voted on at the Delaware State Fair and the winners are listed below. Thank you to everyone who participated and congratulations!


blueribbonFIRST PLACE!
Group Name: Saint Thomas More Academy (Kara Scarangella)
Title: Tiki – H2o Progenitor

Location: DNREC Nonpoint Source Program Education

Description: My water barrel represents a Tiki Totem Pole showing a water god with the word “water” within its mouth.  This uses the Polynesian culture to show a Tiki –H20 progenitor ( to bring forth) of water for the people and to show how use it in a responsible way. Inspiration used for this water barrel is the totem pole in Bethany.

ReignoftheSeaFront_webReignoftheSea_webSECOND PLACE!
Group Name: Delmarva Christian School (Sophia Birl, Savannah Stewart, Chloe Wilson)
Title: Reign of the Sea

Location: DNREC Shoreline and Waterway Services Facility

Description: The reason we chose an underwater design for our rain barrel is because we want to inspire people to help save our waterways.

PhillipCShowell_webPhillipCShowell2_webTHIRD PLACE!
Group Name: Phillip C. Showell Elementary (Rachel Santos)

Title: Mrs. Minion

Location: Phillip C. Showell Elementary School

Description: All of my friends talk about Minions. I know that everyone loves Minions, so that is why I drew Mrs. Minion.


SavetheTurtlesFront_webSavetheTurtles_webGroup Name: Delmarva Christian School (Sara Wilson)
Title: Save the Turtles

Location: Marine Education, Research and Rehabilitation Institute

Description: I could have chosen many other drawings or sketches for my rain barrel, but I decided on turtles. The reason I decided to do a turtle design is because recently I’ve been going through a turtle phase, and they are my favorite animal. Another reason I decided to do turtles is because I’ve heard that most sea turtles are endangered and need to be saved.  I care a lot about our seas. I hope that once people see my rain barrel, it will inspire them to save the environment!

FlowingFountainFront_webFlowingFountain_webGroup Name: Delmarva Christian School (Josh Azeltine, Seth Stevens, Caleb Ullrey-Mow)
Title: Flowing Fountain

Location: DNREC Nonpoint Source Program Education

Description: Our rain barrel artwork portrays a two-tier fountain with cattails, lily pads, and fish, as well as, two small streams that meander toward two rain barrels. Our design is inspired by the profound beauty of nature and the majestic flow of water.

Group Name: Maclary Elementary – Grade 4 (Alec Ciesinski, Owen Reazor, Alex Ozor )

Title: United States of Water

Location: Nanticoke Watershed Alliance

Description: Our barrel symbolizes America using a collage of national symbols. We changed these images to show the importance of conserving water. The wings of the eagle, our national symbol, represent the American flag, and each of the fifty stars is represented as a water droplet. The Statue of Liberty, an American landmark, is holding a simple water bottle instead of a torch. We believe that rain barrels should be used nationwide.

MaclarySwanLordsFront_webMaclarySwanLords2_webGroup Name: Maclary Elementary – Grade 5 (Liam Rogers, Allyssa Schnee)
Title: Maclary Swan Lords

Location: Partnership for the Delaware Estuary

Description: Our design is a nature scene on a peaceful hill with a pond and waterfall. In it swim two happy swans who love each other because they have found a great home in a clean ecosystem with many animals and plenty of vegetation. Its beauty depends on clean water, the basis for all life. All the animals pictured rely on it, including the soaring, fish-eating birds. Every living thing is connected by clean water! This is a beautiful habitat where we would want to live.


Group Name: Maclary Elementary – Grade 4 (Jordan Short, Katrina Endres, Ella Baldwin, Olivia Kessler)

Title: Nature Preservers

Location: Maclary Elementary School

Description: Our barrel represents nature’s beauty with and without water. What inspired us to come up with the theme of “Nature Preservers” is how we have the privilege of having almost unlimited water – or at least we think we do, but we don’t! The more water we use, the less water we have, and the less beautiful our environment becomes. So when we use rain barrels we are giving back to our community. 

MiltonElementaryFront_webMiltonElementary2_webGroup Name: Milton Elementary – 5th Grade Steam Class
Title: Enjoying a Good Book by the Broadkill River

Location: Milton Library

Description: Our rain barrel depicts a beautiful day in the park behind the Milton Library. Situated along the banks of the Broadkill River, we love to look for animals that make their homes down by the river. Our rain barrel shows only some of them. We tried to make it look like it was carved from a big log by painting the top to look like a log with concentric rings showing the tree’s age. 

Odyssey1_webOdyssey2_webGroup Name: Odyssey Charter School (Ella Wicks)
Title: Spring Blossoms

Location: DNREC Nonpoint Source Program Education

Description: My painting represents a field of flower blossoms in Spring.  The pink and green are the blooming flower, yellow stripes are the sun’s rays, and blue is the vibrant Spring sky.  I picked these because they are bright and sunny and they are how I envision a nice sunny Spring day where all the flowers are blooming.  The flowers that my family and I plant in our back yard every year inspired me.