Clean Water Alliance

The Delaware Clean Water Alliance (CWA) is a broad-based coalition of organizations and stakeholders across the state working together on a campaign to educate the public about the importance of clean water.

As part of this effort, partners recognize and promote the need for dedicated funding for clean water initiatives to protect the environment, healthy crops and food sources, economic growth, and a thriving tourism industry. Additional clean water funding may be used for upgrades to wastewater treatment facilities and stormwater systems; environmentally sound solutions to remove contaminants from our water; and protection of wetlands and open space.

Members of the CWA currently include nonprofits, academia, and businesses, and have collaborated around the Clean Water Campaign and the shared goal of protecting and improving Delaware’s water quality. In order to spread the word about the importance of clean water, these members often share educational materials, partner on various projects and events, and participate in advocacy/lobbying efforts.

The Delaware Nature Society leads the Alliance in partnership with the following Steering Committee members: Delaware Center for Inland Bays, Partnership for the Delaware Estuary and the University of Delaware Water Resources Center. Citizens and organizations are encouraged to get engaged in raising awareness about the importance of Delaware’s water resources. To find out how you can become involved visit the website here.