Garden Maintenance

Step 4. Garden Maintenance

Keeping Your Rain Garden Maintained

  • More maintenance will be needed during the first two or three years to remove weeds and replace plants that did not survive.
  • Mulch annually to keep soil moist and allow easy infiltration of rain water
    Rain gardens should be re-mulched with 2-3 inches of mulch every spring.  Use a natural, un-dyed mulch.
  • Minimize sediment flow into the garden
    If construction is still underway on your property or adjacent properties, wait until the soil in the area is planted and stabilized before constructing your garden  Sediment in a rain garden can decrease runoff infiltration, and also kill plants.
  • Weed, prune, and water your garden, especially during the first season
    Newly planted species may have a tough time competing with weeds. The plants in your rain garden will need to be watered regularly during establishment to ensure healthy growth.
  • Keep your garden healthy and clean
    Rain gardens should be periodically cleared of dead vegetation and any debris that may collect. Replanting may be necessary over time. If a plant is not doing so well in one location of the garden, you may want to relocate the plant to a wetter or dryer area.

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