Rain Barrel 2015 Adult Division – Artists

Artist Name: Barbara Ann Aro
Name of Piece: The Sunflower

The method used for producing this work is called “One Stroke”( Donna Dewberry).  I am a “One Stroke” certified instructor.  Please visit me at my developing web site www.delawarehistoriclighthousegallery.com Contact Information: P.O. Box 321
Millsboro, Delaware 19966 | E-mail: arobabalu@aol.com

Artist Name: Darla Blaesing
Name of Piece: Rain Barrel Pleas for Our Seas

Darla is an amateur artist making her debut at age 58 for a little fun! Darla lives on waterfront of the Indian River Bay and uses rain barrels. She is a computer geek, veteran, animal lover and a lifelong science nut who “sees systems” and how the pieces fit together. As a self-employed IT consultant, Darla enjoys helping small business owners with their web sites, in-house data projects and cybersecurity. Contact Information: Email: darlaguru@gmail.com | Phone: 302-945-6341

Artist Name: Monika Bullette
Name of Piece: Sentinel

Monika Bullette is a visual artist who works primarily in gouache, collage, and textiles. Monika has returned to painting as a creative vent between performances of her band, “The Sky Drops”, and her solo acoustic singer/songwriter “Bullette” shows. She works from her home studio in Wilmington, Delaware. While thoroughly enjoying “high art”, she is also interested in objects of “low art” within their historical development –  in forms such as sign painting, street, outsider, commercial, and primitive craft. Contact Information: www.bullette.net | bullette@bullette.net

Artist Name: Yolanda Chetwynd and Lisa A. Bartolozzi
Name of Piece:  WATER IS LIFE Kenya (WILK) In honor of Joyce Tannian, a Delawarean who moved to Kenya to build wells.

The undercoat was painted by children attending “Greenfest”” put on by Newark School for Creative Learning (NCCL) on April 18th 2015. Painted by Lisa Bartolozzi, Dianne Goodel and Yolanda Chetwynd. Photographed by Catriona Binder-Macleod. Yolanda Chetwynd is a practicing artist who has been living in Newark, Delaware since 1987. Yolanda studied painting in London were she received both her BA and her High Diploma, equivalent to a Masters of Fine Arts. She also lived and worked in the therapeutic L’arche communities in Indain and London and developed an enduring interest in the power of art to heal. Subsequently, she came to USA for an additional degree attending the Art Institute of Chicago and Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, NY, with a focus on Art Therapy receiving her Masters of Professional Studies in Art Therapy in 1989. She has been juried into state wide competitions at the Delaware Art Museum and the Women’s Conference. In addition to painting in her studio she is devoted to educational pursuits. She is a veteran teaching artist. She has won a seat at the table from prestigious organizations including the Robert Rauschenberg Foundation, the National Association of Aesthetic Education Institutes AIAE, associated with Lincoln Center Education. Her role as an integration specialist and a mentor have served to hone those leadership skills which have led to board positions on Delcaps, Odyssey of the Mind and Newark Arts Alliance. Contact Information : www.yolandachetwynd.com

Lisa A. Bartolozzi received her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the University of Delaware, and her Masters in Fine Arts degree from Washington University in St. Louis under a Jacob K. Javits Fellowship. Bartolozzi is currently represented by The Forum Gallery, in New York City. She is a contemporary realist who works with the nude figure and landscapes set in narrative and allegorical themes.

​She has served as a Visiting Artist for Horizons in Williamsburg, Massachusetts, and Horizons to Go travel programs in Europe and Mexico. She has been Adjunct Faculty at Indiana University, in Indianapolis, Indiana, The University of Delaware in Newark, Delaware, and is currently teaching at the NewYork Academy of Art, in New York City. ​One person exhibitions of her work have been presented by Forum Gallery in New York in 2008, the Biggs Museum of American Art in Dover, Delaware under the Masters Fellowship in the Arts Grant in 2005, the Delaware Division of the Arts under an Individual Artist Fellowship in 1992, the Samuel S. Fleisher Art Memorial in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1984, and the Delaware Art Museum in Wilmington, Delaware in 1997. She has also exhibited her work at the Aldrich Museum of Contemporary Art in Ridgefield, Connecticut, the Arnot Art Museum in Elmira, New York, the Philadelphia Museum of Art in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Spruill Center for the Arts in Atlanta, Georgia, The Arkansas Art Center in Little Rock, and The Kitchen and Knoedler & Company in New York City. Her work has been included in various international group exhibitions abroad with the Gruppo Donatello in Florence, Italy, and with the Syne Group under Delaware’s Sister Cities program with the Vonderau Museum in Fulda, Germany, and the Kalmar Lans Museum in Kalmar, Sweden. Her work is included in private, public, and museum collections including the Delaware Art Museum, and the Biggs Museum of American Art in Delaware.

Artist Name: Amber Davis
Name of Piece: Mountain-scape Day dream

Horticulturist and artist, painting the natural world in a fantastical way. Inspired by nature and bright colors. Self taught, free lance artist, just loving life. Contact Information: Email:  ambersd@hotmail.com |  Phone: 302-339-7729

Artist Name: Laura Finamore
Name of Piece: Natural Resources Are Easy to Take for Granted

My name is Laura Chloe Finamore and I am a native New Yorker.  My home is in Delaware with my husband and our family.  I find Delaware to be an inspirational place due to its beauty and unique wildlife. Contact Information: Phone: 302-996-6466 | Email: si1984nyc@yahoo.com

Artist Name: Gerilyn Gaskill
Name of Piece: Go to the Delaware Shore

Gerilyn Gaskill has a passion for capturing the beauty of the Delaware coastline and Delmarva landscapes in watercolor, oil and acrylics. Her interest in art started young in kindergarten and was helped along by her great-grandfather artist August Seiler, who also painted coastal imagery. Her aunt Sheryl Woods from Lewes, Del., also helped cultivate her love of art throughout her life, especially in plein air.  Gerilyn believes art runs in her blood. Even though she got a late start in the career of professional fine arts, she now completes a painting a day or pretty close.  Art consumes her every waking moment.  When she’s not painting, she is teaching others to paint. Gaskill volunteers a great deal of her time educating youth in the arts. For several years, she has organized and taught an art camp to local youths at the Millsboro Art League.  Active in the local arts, she is a member of the Millsboro Art League, Millsboro, De., Milton Art Guild, Milton, De.; Cape Artists, Lewes, De. Rehoboth Art League, Rehoboth, De.; Mispillion Art League, Milford, De.; and the Art League of Ocean City, Ocean City, Md.  Contact Information:  http://gerisartworld.blogspot.com

Artist Name: Debbie Hegedus and Rowena MaCleod
Name of Piece: Egret/ Deer & WATER: the interconnectedness of all living things

The undercoat was painted by children attending “Greenfest” put on by Newark School for Creative Learning (NCCL) on April 18th 2015.  Painted by Rowena MaCleod, Dianne Goodel and Debbie Hegedus. Photographed by Catriona Binder-Macleod.  Debbie Hegedus taught art to children in kindergarten through the eighth grade at The Newark Center for Creative Learning for over 23 years, and more recently, taught painting and drawing at Wilmington University. Retired after battling cancer and lung disease, Debbie paints full time in her home studio. There, she can escape her illness, painting her obsessions; both real and imagined. Her often “surreal” paintings depict the beauty and demise of this crazy broken planet; it’s people, animals, forests and waters she loves. She strives to make her art accessible, engaging, provocative and enjoyable. Contact Information: debhegedus@yahoo.com

Rowena MaCleod has been a professional artist for over 20 years. She has taught art in public and private schools and is presently one of the art teachers at Tower Hill School in Wilmington, DE.  Rowena has been the recipient of many art awards, including two Delaware Division of the Arts Fellowships (Emerging and Professional) in the “Works on Paper” category. She exhibits her work in the Mid-Atlantic region and is in private collections in North America, Europe and Asia. Rowena is one of the featured artists in the 2008 publication entitled Collage Journeys, by Jane Davies, a Watson-Guptill Publication, New York, NY. 

Artist Name: Kim Littleton
Name of Piece: Preserving Delaware Beaches

Contact Information:  204 7th Street, Laurel DE 19956

Artist Name: Bruce McKinney
Name of Piece: The Dog

Bruce McKinney is a surreal artist who practices his own style of surrealistic art based on the masters of surrealism. Born in Wilmington Delaware and living in the state for most of his life,  he tries to keep imagery pure and simple as it was meant to be not drifting off into fantasy and unreal worlds of gnomes and goblins like from the works of J. R. R. Tolkien. These are commercial works unlike McKinney whose works embodies your soul to create a thought based on the subject before you he says always, “To ask why, creates a need to know which triggers a part in all of us enough to wonder why”.  Versatile yes…. as he has worked with high school students in the creation of set designs and art instruction for mentally challenged adults. Bruce enjoys working with a variety of people and organizations. McKinney says, “It is not just a lot of weird images on canvas or whatever medium I choose to create on, but a thought process created to capture your imagination no matter what media”.  His art exhibits are an experience as he goes beyond the realm to bring all that can be brought to your eyes, ears, heart and mind. Recently moved to Sussex County originally from New Castle County Bruce Attended Tusculum College in Greeneville Tennessee and Delaware State University and has a B.S. in Art.
Contact Information: 23020 Huff Rd,  Milton Delaware 19968 | Phone: 302-684-1864 | Email: bemckinney@gmail.com

Artist Name: Connie Newby
Name of Piece: Bringhurst Woods along Shellpot Creek

Connie’s current work consists mainly of small pen and ink drawings of trees. Having shed previously ingrained rules about image making, her process now reflects a spiritual journey and exploration; Her trees are metaphors for life, loss, and coming to terms with unanswerable questions about living.  Connie also works in larger scale pastel drawings done in the field and large scale charcoal drawings done in the studio, which are reinterpretations of the smaller pen and ink drawings. She also works in photography – exploring non-verbal, non-linear, visual storytelling.  Most recently, in addition to her drawings, she has been working on a series of photographs of her mother’s garden which are both a metaphor and a reflection of her mother’s end of life journey and struggles with failing health and cancer. Contact Information: connienewbyart@gmail.com

Artist Name: Nancy Poinsett
Name of Piece: Rainwater – Nature’s Priceless Collectible

Nancy Poinsett is an Expressive Arts teacher with 33 years experience.  Ms. Poinsett has been the Director of the Central Academy Drama Club for the past 12 years.  She has two daughters, two grandchildren and a cat named Charlie.  She is a member of the Milford Lions Club and enjoys spending her spare time at the beach and painting. Contact Information: Email: npoinset@msd.k12.de.us | Phone: 302-362-0228

Artist Name: Stephanie Przybylek
Name of Piece: Water World

Exploring animals and nature is Stephanie Przybylek’s passion. Growing up in the woods and streams of Northwestern Pennsylvania she enjoyed drawing, painting and interpreting creatures of all kinds. Stephanie’s art is animal-themed, playful and colorful, with a goal to encourage appreciation of the natural world. Taxidermy correspondence courses in high school fostered understanding of creature anatomy, as did drawing mammals and rodent skulls as a volunteer with the Mammals Division at the Carnegie Museum of Natural History in Pittsburgh.  Stephanie has a BA in Art from Gettysburg College and MA in Art History from University of Delaware. While in graduate school, she took elective painting reconstruction classes from the Art Conservation Department that cultivated deeper awareness of the craft of painting. Diverse travel to many places, from Louisiana’s Atchafalaya Basin to the glaciers of Iceland has also fueled this interest. Stephanie’s professional experience is in the museum field as a curator, writer, exhibit designer, educator and administrator.  She lives and works in New Castle, Delaware, in a 200-year old structure overlooking the Delaware River. Connections between land and water are never far from her mind. Contact Information: Stephprzybylek@gmail.com | www.CreativeAnimal.net

Artist Name: Kathi Schiavoni
Name of Piece: Scattering Wishes

Kathi lives in Townsend with her husband Luigi.  She works at Priapi Gardens in Cecilton, MD and seasonally at Colemans Tree Farm in Middletown.  In her spare time, Kathi enjoys reading, going to the movies and spending time with her many pets.

Artist Name: Tina Walls
Name of Piece: Down Under

Tina Walls lives in the suburbs of Wilmington and is a native of Delaware.   Art has never been something formally studied but has always been a passion.  Earning a master’s degree in 2006, Tina now works for the State of Delaware as a therapist to currently detained youth as part of the Prevention and Behavioral Health Services team under DSCYF.  She also has a private practice serving adults.   She will often incorporate art as part of a lesson as a way of encouraging creativity as a coping skill or motivating expression of emotions thru their design.  As her days are busy and her three adult daughters are no longer living at home, Tina enjoys the moments she can spending time with family, painting, meditating or reading. Contact Information: Email: twalls67@yahoo.com | Phone: 302-729-3970

Artist Name: Natalie Wipf
Name of Piece: FireFlies at Dusk

I am 37 and have always loved art and being creative. This is my second time participating and will continue as long as this great event goes on.  I also love to garden, can and to cook/bake. Being outside enjoying nature is also something I try to do a lot of and am raising my daughter to love these things as well! Contact Information – nataliexoxo@yahoo.com