Rain Barrel Contest Artist’s Bio – Kids Division

Noon Family (Victoria Noon, Edwin Noon, Sophie Noon)
My name is Victoria Noon, I am 11 years old. I am in 5th grade at The Southern Delaware School of the Arts. My name is Edwin Noon, I am 8 years old, I am in 2nd grade, and I go to the Southern Delaware School of the Arts. My name is Sophie, I am 8 years old. I am in second grade, and I go to SDSA.

Piper Drace, Dylan Drace, Nanticoke River Arts Council
The Nanticoke River Arts Council located in downtown Seaford, Delaware was formed in 2008 and opened Gallery 107 in September 2011.  Classes for adults and children were offered at the outset.  The young artists participating in the rain barrel project, Piper Drace, age 8, and Dylan Drace, age 12, started and have continued classes since the beginning.  Instructors Nancy LaPrad, who outlined the preliminary drawing, along with Linda Steere and Lynn Ware, guided the students with the creation of the rain barrel design.  The students were further aided in the project by Lisa Massey and Christina Darby.

Devin Brown, Millsboro Middle School
My name is Devin Brown. I go to Millsboro Middle School, and I am in the eighth grade. I can’t draw faces, or any real objects. But I have found that I enjoy doing abstract.

Sade Hall,  Millsboro Middle School
Sade Hall 7th Grade Artist

Country Clovers 4-H Club
Country Clovers is a group of local Sussex County 4-H youth (both girls and boys) ages 8-19 years old. They work together learning leadership, citizenship, and life skills. We meet monthly is Selbyville and are always looking to welcome new members as well as new community service projects. Each year our group works very hard to raise funds to adopt a local family at Christmas. We can be seen at local parades and festivals encouraging other youth to come join the fun.  4-H no longer concentrates on farm projects. Our group does everything from Sewing, Woodworking, Wildlife, Robotics, computers and even Photography.

Mary Beth Robbins, Maura Breeding, McKenna Breeding, Brielle Carter, Maci Carter, Bethany Knutsen, Matthew Post, Leighton Webb and Leslie Webb, Peach Blossom 4-H
Peach Blossom 4-H Club is a Kent County 4-H club that meets in Greenwood with members from the Greenwood and Harrington area and beyond.  Many of Peach Blossom’s community service activities focus on protecting our environment.  We participate each year in the Litter Barrel contest for litter awareness, Coastal Cleanup, and Beach Grass Planting.  In addition we have planted community gardens at various locations.  The rain barrel painting committee was excited to learn about how rain barrels work and to paint one to be placed at Lake Forest Central Elementary School.   The committee, led by junior leader Mary Beth Robbins, consisted of the following members: Maura Breeding, McKenna Breeding, Brielle Carter, Maci Carter, Bethany Knutsen, Matthew Post, Leighton Webb and Leslie Webb.

Rehoboth Elementary School 5th Grade Super Scientists (Emily Monigle, Amy Membreno)
5th Grade Students – Emily Monigle & Amy Membreno Teacher:  Jacquie Kisiel – Science/Grade 5  Additional Assistance, Input & Suppplies:  3rd – 5th Grade Students of RES, RES PTO

Adeeba Allimulla,  Huda Kose, Furkan Kose, Yusuf Kose,  Nur Kose,  Merve Kekik, Mirac Kekik, Yusuf Patel, Hana Hubert, Yousuf Ahmed, Zakat Foundation Water Miners
The Zakat Foundation Water Miners group consists of enthusiastic, Earth-friendly, and talented youth from the ages of 9-15 who worked together to get a job done.  Not only did they thoroughly enjoy drawing and painting their rain barrel, they were excited that their efforts would help the environment simultaneously.  All members of the team are regular volunteers at the Zakat Foundation of America Delaware Community Center, where people from many different backgrounds and interests join together to benefit their community. Team members: Adeeba Allimulla – 4th grade – Newark Charter School,  Huda Kose – 5th grade – Kose Homeschooling, Furkan Kose – 8th grade – Kose Homeschooling, Yusuf Kose – 6th grade – Kose Homeschooling,  Nur Kose – 11th grade – Kose Homeschooling,  Merve Kekik – 5th grade – Linden Hill Elementary School, Mirac Kekik – 9th grade – Charter School of Wilmington, Yusuf Patel – 4th grade – West Park Place Elementary School, Hana Hubert – 6th grade – Foulk Road Homeschool, Yousuf Ahmed – 7th grade – Newark Charter School (Junior High). Members of the team wrote about their experiences online: http://zfcenter.org/index.php/recognition-awards/58-recognition-awards/399-so-what-s-all-the-hype-about-the-rain-barrell-project.

Peach Blossoms Tween Co-Op
As a Peach Blossom we stand for: *Representing ourselves as we see the Delaware State Flower – strong, powerful and beautiful! Like the flower, we will grow based on the nourishment we receive and the teamwork provided from the ground up! *The “PEACH” has been developed into an acronym by a founding group member. PEACH stands for Proud Educated Child of Homeschool.  We value our education and are very excited about sharing one, of our many, learning experiences, with Delaware Department of Natural Resource and Environmental Control. Our Rain Barrel was a group effort! Its various colors represent our diverse group; its green hillsides represent the journeys we shall face together; and the crisp blue skies remind us of our clear path to success. These things are especially important during the critical years of most children’s lives – the ‘tween years! *Our group leaders have promised to help us build high self-esteem, encourage publicspeaking roles, serve on community service projects, conduct proper business meetings, explore career opportunities, maintain strong family connections and live healthy & active lifestyles in and outside of our home. All in an effort to become proud, enriched and productive citizens in society!  We thank you for this awesome opportunity and look forward to many more to come!

Clarence FRAIM Boys & Girls Club Garden Club Rain Barrel
The Garden Club at FRAIM Boys & Girls Club consist of children in Kindergarten through 2nd grade that live in the Elsmere area and attend afterschool and summer camp. The garden club has been running is in its second year.  The children participating in the club learn about plant parts, seeds, planting, healthy eating, where their food comes from, art, as well as learning to work in groups and in community.  The children completely enjoyed painting the barrel and learning about conserving water.

Mt. Pleasant Elementary School – Mrs. Turner’s 2nd Grade Class
The work is submitted by an enthusiastic group of caring and environmentally conscious 2nd graders at Mt. Pleasant Elementary School in Wilmington, DE. My class of 25 has been learning about ways to help the environment including through recycling in the classroom and school, composting in the classroom, writing a book about the environment, completing a homework assignment about how to save natural resources in the home and completing a project based learning activity about a rain barrel. For this activity, we did a close reading of informational text about rain barrels, watched videos of them in action as well as about how to make them, consulted an expert in our school and scouted a location for installation at our school. Finally, we completed narrative, informative and persuasive writing pieces about the rain barrel. We learned how rain barrels can conserve and supply water, reduce pollution and teach others about their functionality. Our last step is to deliver the writing pieces to our district office so we can secure installation and see our rain barrel in action.  We LOVED this project, thank you for this learning opportunity! The state of Delaware now has 25 new rain barrel experts who are enthusiastic about another way to protect our environment!

Stanton Middle School Art Club
Johana Hernandez and Rosa Zaragoza, these two students designs were voted on from the Art Club.

Mispillion Elementary School
(Name of Piece: The Bridge)
Kayla Clausen is in Miss Yost’s 5th grade class and created her design in art class with Dr. Gaglione. Emily Boyer also added her painting skills to the piece.

Mispillion Elementary School
(Name of Piece: Bubbles)
Deena Johnson along with additional artists Jacob Smith, Abigail Ashton, Charli Cortright, McKenzie Crew, Alexis Holston, Hali Sapp and Brooke Webb.

Mispillion Elementary School
(Name of Piece: By the Bay)
Jenna Gibbons created her piece in Dr. Gaglione’s art class and is in Mrs. McKee’s homeroom.

Mispillion Elementary School
(Name of Piece: Rivers, Hills and Ponds)

Geff Joseph, Eliza Kimmey, Savannah Nagy and Gannon Webb were the primary design team, under the direction of Dr. Gaglione, Teacher of Multiple Intelligences. Additional artwork was added by Jason Shockley and Matthew Szczepanski.

Mispillion Elementary School
(Name of Piece: Riverside)
Artist Ashlyn Stam of Dr. Ward & Mrs. Boyer’s homeroom designed this design.  Additional artwork was added to the rain barrel by Zachariah Stutzman and was completed in Dr. Gaglione’s art class.

Seaford High School Spanish Class (Anglea Rust and Spanish 3 Class)
Hola, we are students at Seaford Senior High School and we’re in Spanish 3. Our teacher’s name is Mr. Swartzentruber or Profe, that’s what we like to call him. Profe first told us about this rain barrel project a few weeks ago and we were instantly thrilled about the idea. So the whole class went to work drawing possible designs for the barrel, the whole class then voted on who had the best design and the winner was Angela Rust. She won by a landslide, her barrel design was by far the best rain barrel I’ve ever seen. We did have some entries that stood out from the rest and some were very creative. Angela was the one who had the honor of having her mural painted on the rain barrel and entered into the contest, some people helped Angela paint the rain barrel, and other people contributed in a number of ways. Some students had the job of placement manager and some students worked on the biography for the group. All of those jobs were very important, and if someone didn’t do their job this project would have fallen apart fast. Without the painters we wouldn’t have had anyone to paint the barrels. Without the placement managers to decide where to put the barrel, someone in the community who needs a rain barrel would not have one. We wouldn’t be able to enter the contest without someone to write a biography about the group and information about the barrel. This project was a great group effort and we did have some bumps down the road but we managed to fix the problems before they got out of hand. We worked well as a team and everybody contributed to this project. Even if the person’s contribution to the project was small, it still mattered.

(Spanish version) Hola, somos estudiantes en Seaford Senior High School y estamos en Español tres. El nombre de nuestro profesor es Señor Swartzentruber o Profe, eso es lo que nos gusta llamarlo. Profe primero nos habló de este proyecto barril de lluvia hace unas semanas y estábamos instantáneamente encantados con la idea. Así toda la clase dibujaron posibles diseños para el barril. Luego votó de quién tenía el mejor diseño y la ganadora fue Angela Rust.
Ella ganó por goleada. Su barril fue de lejos el mejor barril de lluvia que jamás he visto. Tuvimos algunas entradas que se destacaron del resto y algunos eran muy creativos. Angela fue la que tuvo el honor de contar con su mural pintado en el barril de lluvia y entró en el concurso. Algunas personas ayudaron a Angela pintar el barril de lluvia, y otras personas contribuyeron en un número de maneras.
Algunos estudiantes tenían el puesto de director de colocación y algunos estudiantes trabajaron en la biografía del grupo. Todos estos trabajos fueron muy importantes y si alguien no hizo su trabajo de este proyecto se habría venido abajo rápido. Sin los pintores no hubiéramos tenido a nadie a pintar los barriles. Sin los gerentes de colocación para decidir dónde colocar los barriles, alguien de la comunidad que necesita un barril de lluvia no tendría uno. No seríamos capaces de entrar en el concurso sin alguien para escribir una biografía sobre el grupo y la información sobre el barril. Este proyecto fue un gran esfuerzo de grupo y tuvimos algunos obstáculos en el camino, pero los arreglamos para solucionar los problemas. Hemos trabajado bien como equipo y todos contribuyeron a este proyecto. Aunque la contribución de cualquier persona para el proyecto era pequeña, todavía importaba.

Western Sussex Boys and Girls Club