Rain Barrel Contest Entries 2015 – Adult Division

Below are the finalists in the 2015 Rain Barrel Contest. Their barrels will be on display at the Delaware Agricultural Museum in Dover from May 21-June 19, 2015.

Learn about the artists [here].  Click on a barrel to get a larger view.


PaintItLadiesEgret_websmlGRAND PRIZE WINNER

Artist Name: Debbie Hegedus and Rowena Macleod
Name of Piece: Egret/ Deer & WATER: the interconnectedness of all living things.
Location: Indian Point Farm.

Deer, egrets, squirrels, humans, plants; all need water to thrive and survive. This rain barrel seeks to show the interconnectedness of all living things and their dependence on our most precious resource; WATER. With drought conditions in the American West and many places throughout our world, we must take action. Along with conserving our every day water usage, collecting rain water to feed our gardens is one step we can take towards water sustainability.

Aro_smlwebAro_2websmlArtist Name: Barbara Ann Aro
Name of Piece: The Sunflower
Location: Brandywine State Park, Wilmington

Look closely, you may find a few critters under the leaves!




Blaesing_websmlBlaesing_2websmlArtist Name: Darla Blaesing
Name of Piece: Rain Barrel Pleas for Our Seas
Location: Sanford School, Hockessin

A cartoon comparison of two communities to show benefits of rain barrel use, or lack thereof, on runoff into a Delaware Bay. The neighborhood (left) without rain barrels generates gushing runoff full of pesticides, fertilizers, oil and mud. The neighborhood (right) that uses rain barrels everywhere generates less runoff which is cleaner. Marine life suffers from the polluted runoff and is sick/dying without enough food. The marine life with cleaner runoff thrives with plenty to eat.

Bullette_websmlArtist Name: Monika Bullette
Name of Piece: Sentinel
Location: Cape Henlopen State Park, The Seaside Nature Center, Lewes

The WWII observation towers were built to protect the strategic industrial centers and shipping channel of the Delaware Bay and River. To gather the location of a suspicious vessel, servicemen would determine the coordinates of the lines of sight between two different towers. They then radioed the details back to the massive guns at Fort Miles. The Sentinel rain barrel will watch over your garden, but without a second barrel, it can’t triangulate your squirrels.

WATER IS LIFE Kenya (WILK)WATER IS LIFE Kenya (WILK)Artist Name: Yolanda Chetwynd and ​Lisa A. Bartolozzi
Name of Piece:  WATER IS LIFE Kenya (WILK) In honor of Joyce Tannian, a Delawarean who moved to Kenya to build wells.
Location: Newark

Water is more precious than gold. This barrel honors, Joyce Tannian, a Delawarean who moved to Kenya to build wells. Her group, WATER IS LIFE Kenya (WILK) has helped over 20,000 people. No longer must they trudge hours a day to collect water for their families. Kenyans use 2 to 4 gallons of water per day, compared to the average American’s 80-100 gallons. Saving rain water is one action we can take towards sustainability.

Mountain-scape Day dreamMountain-scape Day dreamArtist Name: Amber Davis
Name of Piece:  Mountain-scape Day dream
Location: Dover Public Library

We are all connected in this circle we call life. From the air we breath to the ground we step upon. This painting is meant to display that connection; the women’s yellow eyes connecting them to the sun. The women blow out the clouds that are falling down upon the valley, which represents how we all affect the air we breath in. We ourselves are connected to everyone else around us, the two women connected together.

Natural Resources Are Easy To Take For GrantedNatural Resources Are Easy To Take For GrantedArtist Name: Laura Finamore
Name of Piece: Natural Resources Are Easy To Take For Granted
Location: Town of Blades, Town Hall

Every time I passed the Hudson, I would see Lady Liberty holding her torch and providing light for all. Yes, I did take her for granted as a child, but as I grew up I noticed she would have repairs done periodically. This is similar in nature in that we all have a responsibility to continue to do ‘repairs’ to our environment. This would include collecting rain water or in the instance of Johnny Appleseed, planting a seed.

Go to the Delaware ShoreArtist Name: Gerilyn Gaskill
Name of Piece: Go to the Delaware Shore
Location: The Center for Inland Bays, Rehoboth Beach, “Decked Out” event silent auction item

From the bubbling brooks and streams, clean and healthy water flows via the tributaries and rivers. We must do what we can to keep these waterways healthy to the sea. People at our beaches enjoy a healthy shore. Umbrellas and people at the shore reflect our healthy waterways. Protect our waterways. Go to the shore, umbrellas on the beach, life is beautiful.


Littleton_websmlLittleton_2websmlArtist Name: Kim Littleton
Name of Piece: Preserving Delaware Beaches
Location: Delaware Watersheds Annual Facebook Giveaway contest (next spring)

My painting is of a beach scene that can be found at most any Delaware Beach. We need to use conservation measures to preserve our precious beaches so that we may enjoy them as well as the business revenue that they bring to Delaware and Sussex County. Hopefully future generations will be good stewards of all our beaches.


Artist Name: Bruce McKinney
Name of Piece: The Dog
Location: Mt. Olivet United Methodist Church, Seaford

The work I call THE DOG is an interpretation of what I believe, to ask why creates a need to know, which triggers a part in all of us enough to wonder why. Objects related to ideas and thoughts run through our memories creating images deeply suppressed. The existence of a higher power controls our destiny just as before DOG IS GOD OR IS GOD DOG. Why are we in love with our dog are our dogs unconditional love as God. The objects portrayed are your interpretations.



Artist Name: Nancy Poinsett
Name of Piece: Rainwater – Nature’s Priceless Collectible
Location: Milford Public Library

It’s springtime in the neighborhood and Ray N. Drop is having a blast with his fellow raindrops! They have all been through this routine many times as they cycle through the ecosystem, falling from the sky to be useful to the community in so many ways.  From helping to wash cars, watering the flowers and other vegetation to replenishing the local bodies of water, the raindrops do their part knowing that every RAINDROP COUNTS!



Artist Name: Connie Newby
Name of Piece: Bringhurst Woods along Shellpot Creek
Location: Brandywine State Park, Wilmington

The visual theme of my rain barrel is a reinterpretation of some of my drawings done in Bringhurst Woods along Shellpot Creek. Shellpot Creek is within the Piedmont watershed area, as is The Brandywine River. These are two my favorite and most frequent drawing sites. My rain barrel is an homage to the beauty of these watershed areas which are inspiration for my art.

Water World


Artist Name: Stephanie Przybylek
Name of Piece:  Water World
Location: Partnership for the Delaware Estuary

Delaware’s waters support a wide variety of life—from Atlantic sturgeon that swim in the river depths to egrets and ospreys that patrol the coasts and soar above our shores—and each plays a role in an interconnected ecosystem. All rely on a healthy watershed. Preserving water resources is cumulative. Every brush stroke represents a step in keeping our waters clean and preventing storm runoff. Small incremental steps lead to a greater whole.

Schiavoni_websml2Schiavoni_websmlArtist Name: Kathi Schiavoni
Name of Piece: Scattering Wishes
Location: Helen F. Graham Cancer Center & Research Institute, Radiation Department, Christiana

Handsome Peacock lends his colors to the garden and with a swish of his tail scatters wishes for health, healing and happiness to the wind who will deliver them to those in need.



Walls_websmlWalls_2websmlArtist Name: Tina Walls
Name of Piece: Down Under
Location: East Coast Garden Center, Millsboro

“Down Under” is a peek inside the make believe (or not) world of the creatures of the sea as the majestic sea turtle decides to enjoy the deliciousness of the fresh rain water being piped in from the outside world.  Hopefully the piece will bring a smile while inspiring further conversation around the benefits of using rain barrels as a way of conserving water while showing gratitude to our environment.

Wipf_websmlWipf_2websmlArtist Name: Natalie Wipf
Name of Piece: FireFlies at Dusk
Location: Delaware Agricultural Museum and Village, Dover

There’s just something timeless about catching fireflies at dusk. Or simply watching them light up the night.  For my barrel I painted the background then took the barrel to my daughters pre-k class and had the students use their thumbprints to create the majority of the fireflies on the barrel. They had a great time helping out!