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Join the "Rain Gardens for the Bays Campaign" and register your rain garden today! Please fill in all the information so that we can see how well your watershed/county/town is helping to reduce stormwater pollution entering our streams and bays.

Together, we'll create hundreds of rain gardens in our watersheds and help improve water quality. The registry is designed to allow one rain garden submission per unique email address for security reasons. If you wish to register multiple rain gardens under one email address, please contact Andrew Homsey for assistance. You must fill in all requested information on the form and provide a photograph of your completed rain garden to receive a sign once approved.

If you have any questions about your rain garden submission, contact Sara Wozniak.

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By registering your rain garden and uploading the requested information, some of the information you provide will appear in the rain garden “Gallery” in connection with your posting. By registering your garden for posting to the site, you acknowledge and agree to have the information you provide to appear in a similar format on the site. Please know that you may also have your site information de-listed and removed at any time. Thank you for your participation and we look forward to seeing your garden in the Gallery.  
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