You Can Help Boating


Boating on the waters of Delaware can be a great way to see and appreciate our environment. While on our waterways, here are some things to remember to keep them clean.

  • Avoid discharging sewage and wastes directly into the water. Sewage contains disease-carrying organisms and nutrients that are harmful to humans, plants, and wildlife. Wastes should be disposed of at dump stations or pump-out facilities.
  • Clean fish at designated areas and dispose of waste in proper containers. Do not throw fish waste into surface waters at marinas; the waste can cause water-quality problems within the marinas.
  • Avoid over-fueling. One quart of engine oil spilled in one million quarts of seawater will kill half of the exposed crab larvae. Purchase vents that act as fuel/air separators so that fuel does not enter the bilge. Use oil-absorbing pads in the bilge and dispose of them properly.
  • Obey speed limits and no-wake zones. Boat wakes contribute to shoreline erosion. Be careful in shallow areas; do not disturb the sediment or uproot vegetation with the boat propeller.