You Can Help – Outdoor Practices


There are many other things that we do outside that can help our environment.

  • Pick up your pet’s waste when you’re in your backyard, at the local park, or on a walk in your community. When it rains, water runs along the ground picking up your pet’s waste and the bacteria found in it and goes directly into our storm drains that flow untreated into our waterways.
  • When washing your car, take your car to a car wash because they collect and recycle the water to use again. If you want to wash your car at home, wash it on your grass so that the water can be absorbed by the ground and not run off into storm drains.
  • Disconnect your downspouts by positioning them to drain onto a grassed area where it can soak into the ground instead of running off into storm drains.
  • Create a compost pile in your backyard to recycle your kitchen scraps and leaves into nutrient-rich topsoil.
  • Learn about rain barrels, how to make one and there benefits here.
  • Check out our interactive house to learn more ways to help our environment.